This book is highly recommended, entrepreneurs, mentors, people in the hair care industry and for readers interested in biographies
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Page Extent: 154
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Publication Date: October 2016
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Turning passion into profit
AUTHOR: Jabu Stone
FOREWORD: Jonathan Ackerman
To many South Africans, the name Jabu Stone is synonymous with hair care, especially dreadlocks, which has earned him the nickname ‘Mr Dreads’. His love of natural hair (and his quest for an alternative to the harsh chemicals women were using on their hair) and his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to create the brand that carries his name – one of the most enduring and successful brands in South Africa.

Jabu Stone – Turning Passion Profit, chronicles the journey of a resourceful businessperson, from his formative years to his identifying the gap in the market and pursuing his vision, even when others could not make sense of it. For over 20 years he has been an example to those embarking on their own business ventures as well as those who have been in business for a while.

Not having a mentor when he was starting out led Jabu to understand and appreciate the value of mentorship and its role in success. Passing on what he learned by trial and error over the years, and sharing this has become important to him – and this book is the perfect vehicle for this. Along with three partners he also created The RIOT (Rise, Innovate, Occupy, Transact) hands-on mentorship programme.

As a handbook for entrepreneurs, this book shows that no dream is too big and that living your dream is possible.

“ It is a must read for entrepreneurs who are at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. It is a detailed and humourous account of the determination and drive any entrepreneur needs to succeed.”
Jonathan Ackerman.


Academics and students in the department of Economics and general readers with an interest in economic transformation in South Africa.
Size: 230mm x 150mm
Page Extent: 263
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ISBN: 978-1-868-42255-5
Publication Date: October 2006
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Making mistakes, Righting wrongs; Insights into Black Economic Empowerment
EDITOR: Duma Gqubule

Making mistakes, Righting wrongs; Insights into Black Economic Empowerment is a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of South Africa's Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policies and programmes during the first decade of democracy from 1994-2004. The book argues that South Africa's second revolution has not begun and the contributors emphasise the need for radical changes in BEE policy to achieve true empowerment for the majority of black South Africans.

Editor information:
Editor; Duma Gqubule holds a degree from Aberdeen University in Scotland. He has worked as a financial journalist for most of South Africa's leading publications and featured in international publications. He co-authored the landmark Black Economic Empowerment Commission report in 2001 and co-founded KIO Advisory Services in 2005, which specialises in the use of technology to facilitate economic transformation.

Contributors: Dr. Andre Kraak, Muzi Maziya and Sean Muller.

"A major problem that plagues multiracial countries is the inequality in the development between various races or ethnic  groups. This inequality, which is invariably reflected in wealth distribution and economic status, leads to animosity and tension." Dr Mahathir-former President of Malaysia