Countries deemed to be democratic are characterised by regular, free and fair elections. These are meant to be the litmus tests of elected officials’ accountability to the electorate. Hence those politicians who did not perform well are not re-elected.

But which electoral system is the most appropriate for holding elected officials accountable – especially in the South African context where the system of proportional representation (PR) is perceived to have distanced the country’s public representatives from those who vote for them at both national and local levels. PR, it is said, puts power in the hands of party bosses.

New and Noteworthy

New and Noteworthy

Fort Hare

From Garrison to bastion of learning 1916 - 2016

In lumine tuo videbimus lumen (In your light we shall see the light)
The university of Fort Hare, situated along the Tyhume River valley, was established in what was once an Eastern Cape garrison post to fortify a troubled frontier. It became world renowned as a bastion of higher learning which produced some of the greatest minds to come out of South Africa. It was, in fact, the first ever university created specifically for Africans in the Union of South Africa.

This book, an illustrated celebration of the centenary of Fort Hare, introduces some of the people associated with various epochs of this institution, weaves their pedigrees alongside its protracted history and some broader historical facets of this country. Today, Fort Hare University, with its enviable history is still a dynamic learning centre for the regeneration of young Africans. The book is a pictorial snapshot of an institution that is an integral part of the South African story.

New & Noteworthy

New & Noteworthy

Unmasked; why the ANC failed to govern

In a contemplative yet hard hitting book, the author reflects on the failure of the ANC, in its 22 years of governing South Africa, to honour the principles and values of the Freedom Charter and to come to terms with Charter’s precepts for running the economy.

The negotiations at Codesa, and the compromises the ANC had to make, set the scne. Yet things did not tirn out as expected. This searing and honest account is a must read for everyone who wants to know what really happened.