People have been observing in dismay as the ANC has lurched from one disaster to the other, failing to govern. They have watched the organisation slide into chaos and decline. Those who are courageous and prepared to put their hands up to speak out about this are in the minority, one of those is the author of this book.
In this book Khulu Mbatha goes right back to the founding of the organisation in 1912, the ANC in exile, (the ANC in power after 1994), and explores the foundations this ANC laid for the organisation to understand the situation that the ANC finds itself in. The author places the organisation under a microscope and what he finds should be of interest to all in this country who want to understand what went wrong and how it all went wrong for this government.

New & Noteworthy

New & Noteworthy

Unmasked; why the ANC failed to govern

In a contemplative yet hard hitting book, the author reflects on the failure of the ANC, in its 22 years of governing South Africa, to honour the principles and values of the Freedom Charter and to come to terms with Charter’s precepts for running the economy.

The negotiations at Codesa, and the compromises the ANC had to make, set the scne. Yet things did not tirn out as expected. This searing and honest account is a must read for everyone who wants to know what really happened.


Forthcoming Release

Forthcoming Release

Electoral systems and Accountability; comparative case studies

This book is based a year-long comparative analysis of electoral systems of countries from different continental contexts. Case study countries included Germany, Ghana, India, Kenya, UK, USA, and Zimbabwe.

Among the questions raised in the book are How can an electoral system strengthen the accountability of political parties and elected representatives? What aspects of the electoral machinery are most influential in strengthening or weakening accountability? What lessons can South Africa learn from other democracies on the continent and beyond about the relationship between electoral systems and accountability?

Release Date; July 2017.